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The Value of Personal Development

The Value of Personal Development


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The Value of Personal Development

The Value of Personal Development was the theme of April’s face-to-face event. It was an inspiring gathering of women from various walks of life who came together to learn, grow and connect. The event kicked off with an introduction by Joanna Palinski, who is a successful businesswoman and mental power trainer.

WBL Joanna Palinski

Joanna shared her own journey of personal development. She spoke about the importance of self-awareness, setting goals, and having a positive mindset. Her words were both encouraging and empowering and set the tone for the rest of the evening. Joanna reminded the attendees that everyone had the power to develop and improve themselves and that personal development has different meanings to different people. She then encouraged the attendees to discuss topics related to personal development.
The cosy set provided opportunities for networking and connecting with other attendees. We met women from a variety of industries and backgrounds, and it was inspiring to hear their stories and learn from their experiences. It was a reminder that we are all on our own personal development journeys, but we can support and learn from each other along the way. What followed was a general discussion, where everyone could share their journey, successes and drawbacks.

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For some people attaining new qualifications, for others growing spiritually was the journey to self-development. Others decided to slow down and this is also a good example of personal development. The inspiring discussion mentioned the following topics:

- mindset- some attendees told us how they chose to find a positive outcome of various situations, and some shared how they talk to themselves and praise themselves. This was a valuable comment: we are quick to praise friends but forget to pat ourselves on the back and praise ourselves for our own achievements. It was a powerful reminder that we all have the ability to reframe our thinking and choose a more positive outlook.
- building resilience-we have to learn to overcome challenges and adversity, resilience can be built like a muscle. Some attendees shared their strategies for bouncing back from setbacks and cultivating a growth mindset.
- challenges- the attendees discussed the challenges they've faced, the strategies they've used to overcome obstacles, and the importance of community and support in their personal growth. Interestingly some had great support within their family and friends but some experienced their wings clipped by the nearest and dearest. In such situations, they were advised to find their own tribe and positive circles of people who will support them.

WBL Event in London
The event was a powerful reminder of the importance of investing in ourselves and our personal development. It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day demands of work and life, but taking the time to reflect on our goals, mindset, and relationships can help us become more resilient, confident, and fulfilled.
As women, we face unique challenges and obstacles, but events like these remind us that we are not alone. There is a community of women out there who are committed to supporting each other and lifting each other up. When we invest in ourselves, we not only benefit ourselves but also the people
around us. In conclusion, personal development is an ongoing journey that requires commitment, self-awareness, and a growth mindset. Events like this one provide an opportunity to learn, connect, and grow alongside other women who are also committed to their own personal development.

We are grateful for the
experience and excited to continue on our own journey of growth and self-discovery. If you need your tribe, join the Women’s Business Link.